The Thrustmaster T500RS is a very large and heavy steering wheel. Total weight is around 45 lbs for stand and wheel/pedals. Great care must be taken so unit does not fall over while standing up. 
  The Thrustmaster Steering Wheel bolts right up to the Steering Wheel Adapter Plate with (2) 6mmx16mm bolts supplied with stand.
   T500RS pedal set can only be used in the F1 position and the GT-Rally bar must be removed from pedals. To remove GT-Rally bar, remove external snap rings from pivot shaft ends, unbolt the stabilizer bar from pedal sides with 6mm hex key wrench. Remove bar and stabilizer bar from pedals and replace bolts and snap rings on pedals. Best to set pedals upside down with bottom sloped towards you, with pedal pan off the stand. line the front of the pan up with the front of the pedals and find the large bolt holes in the middle side of pan to line up for bolts. Use the (2) 6mmx16mm bolts supplies with stand.
  Tape wires up to stand with electrical tape so they have room to move with pedal flipping and adjustment at the top to stand. Give wires slack at the pivot point at pedal pan so as not to pull wires out of pedals when flipping and wire are out of way from joint.
   Please use caition when moving and don't let the pedal pan come unflipped while transporting. Keep the stand from falling over in upright position at all times.

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