Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

 To mount the Steering wheel on to the stand, you will need to attach the adapter to the wheel first. The pictures below show the two nuts that are welded to the adapter. They need to slide into the two slots that are on the bottom front of the steering wheel.

 Hold the wheel in your lap with the steering wheel up. Push the nuts into the two slots so the adapter is positioned like the photo above right. Be sure to put the bolt that mounts the adapter to the stand into the bolt hole first, like the picture below. You will not be able to get the bolt to mount the adapter to the stand in the hole after the wheel is bolted to the adapter. Helps to put a piece of masking tape like picture below, over the bolt head on the inside to hold the bolt in the hole, if you need an extra hand.
Then turn the unit over so it rests on the steering wheel like the picture below. The adapter should stay stuck in the slots so you can attach the clamp.
 The new adapter kits have a socket head cap screw (Allen Head Bolts) for the clamp bolt. It is very hard to get a wrench in to hold a regular hex head bolt so an Allen head bolt works better. It is best to stick the 3/16” Hex key wrench (included with adapter) into the bolts hex head first then use the wrench to stick the bolt in the hole like photo below right. Then while holding the hex key wrench with bolt stuck on it up through the bolt hole with your left hand. Then set the metal wheel clamp (weld side up) over the bolt threads sticking up and slide the clamp into the bottom of the wheel holder slot. You may have to move the adapter a little side to side so you can push the clamp into the slot, if the adapter is not straight on the wheel. Then put the lock washer and nut on the Allen head bolt and tighten down the nut with a 7/16 wrench like the picture below left. When you tighten down the bolt and nut the adapter will clamp down on the bottom of the wheel so that it will not move.
 After the adapter is tight on the steering wheel, take the steering wheel and turn it right side up and place the bolt sticking out of bottom (that you taped to hold in place) of the adapter through the hole on the flat ledge on lap bar on the stand, like the picture below. One hand to hold stand and adapter together and one hand to start the nut and lock washer. Tighten the nut and bolt with a couple of 7/16 wrenches to finish. These are much easier to get to with wrenches, or wrench and socket.
 When testing the adapter it was very stable on the stand with the one bolt. If you do have movement, or just want extra strength, you may want to drill an additional hole in the stand ledge to match the extra .261” hole drilled 5/8 of an inch back from the first hole in the adapter to give it a second mounting bolt. To do this, just mount the adapter to the stand without the wheel mounted to it and drill down through the second hole with (“G” drill bit = .261”, or ¼” drill bit = .250”) drill bit. Make sure the adapter is straight with stand and tight so it doesn’t move on you while drilling. This is a 3/16” thick piece of steel you are drilling through so use a good sharp bit and be patient. A smaller pilot hole started first, usually makes drilling the larger hole easier. Put another ¼-20 X ¾ bolt with nut through the hole and it won’t move on you then. Be sure both adapter holes are on the ledge and not the tube when drilling.
    Slide the pedals up into the pedal pan until they stop on the pedal pan stop. Hook up the wires and you are ready to race. Please refer to stand instructions for wiring. It is best to secure the pedals to the pedal pan. If pedals are attached to the pedal pan you can flip the pedals up (when the pedal pan pin is in the bottom adjustment hole) to make it easier to store and transport your stand. To do this you can use Velcro, tape or you can use the included 6 X 1/2” screws to screw the pedals to the pedal pan. Please refer to the Xlerator website for instruction on how and where to drill the pedals and pedal pan safely without damaging pedals. Please refer to the stand instructions for additional information and wiring.


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