XL20-XL21 Stand Instructions

fastmike75 "How to video" on YouTube.
How to assemble your XL20 & XL21 Xlerator Wheel Stand

fastmike75 "How to video" on YouTube 
How to wire up your XL20 & XL21 Xlerator Wheel Stand

fastmike75 "How to video" on YouTube
How to mount the Logitech G25 and G27 to the XL20-21 Stand


XL20 Regular and XL21 Big Boy Wheel Stands
 To assemble your new stand, carefully unwrap parts. Easiest to cut tape, but take care not to cut powder coating. A quick polishing with common car wax before assembly will make powder coating shine.

Box Contents
  Hard Parts  
1 Floor Bar  
1 Upright Tube  
1 Lap Bar  
1 Pedal Pan  
1 Wheel Adapter Plate  
1 Logitech G25-G27 Shifter Adapter  
1 Fanatec Shifter Adapter  
2 M6x40 Bolts, nylon washers, lock nuts Pedal pan bolts
4 M6x16 Countersunk bolts, nuts Wheel adapter Bolts
2 M6x16 Countersunk bolts Logitech shifter Bolts
2 M6x16 Socket bolts, nuts, lock washers Shifter adapter bolts
4 M6x16 bolts Wheel/pedal bolts
4 M6x16 bolts, nuts, flats and lock washers Fanatec CS pedal bolts
2 M10x90 Bolts, nuts Fanatec shifter bolts
1 4mm hex key wrench  
1 3/16 hex key wrench  

Stand Assembly
 You will need a 10mm and 13mm wrench/socket. The Upright Tube with seatpost clamps on ends, goes between the top lap bar and bottom floor bar. The long side of the Upright Tube from bend (12”) connects to the Floor Bar and the short end from bend (9”) to the Lap Bar. Insert the long end of connector tube over the short stub at top of the floor bar. Put the top lap bar slide tube (7” plated metal) into the short end of connector tube on top. Lay stand down flat on rubber tips with bend of connector tube up and get everything straight, like picture below. Then tighten both seatpost clamp nuts with 13mm wrench. Tighten the top part enough so it won’t move and you can adjust for a comfortable driving position when you sit down with it. Please don’t over tighten clamps, tighten only what you need to hold tubes, it will deform metal if over tightened.

 Next attach the Pedal Pan to the Floor Bar. Stand the stand up on the four rubber leg tips on the bottom part of the stand, the Floor Bar. Easiest to bolt the pedals to the Pedal Pan first when it is easy to move around. Helps to put pedals upside down to match holes with Pedal Pan. Find your pedals on the chart at bottom for mounting holes. Bolt the Pedal Pan to the bottom part of stand, there are drilled holes on both sides of the Floor Bar Legs near rubber tips, like picture below. Use the supplied M6 x 35 bolts, nylon lock nuts and nylon washer. Find the holes on the ends of the Pedal Pan side rails sticking out past the end of the Pedal Pan and use those holes to mount to the Floor Bar. Put the nylon washers in between pan side rails and the floor bar tubes so as not to scratch powder coating. Put bolt through from the outside and nuts on the inside. Tighten bolt and lock nut with 10mm wrenches, and then back them off so the pan can move up and down and not bind.
 Next attach the Wheel Adapter Plate to the Lap Bar Ledge.Take the Wheel Adapter Plate and bolt the wheel adapter to the lap bar ledge with the (4) M6 x 16 countersunk head socket cap screws and nuts like picture below left (new stand has 4 bolt holes instead of pictured two holes). You can use lock washers if you want but doesn't need them here. The Wheel Adapter Plate should be a flat surface to mount the wheel on after bolting to Lap bar. Use the 4mm Hex key wrench and 10mm wrench to tighten bolts. Be sure the front edge of the Wheel Adapter Plate and the Lap Bar ledge are straight together in front and flat bar with holes in it are sticking off to the right side.

 For Logitech G25/G27 take the pedals and bolt them to the pedal pan using the two center holes in the Pedal Pan, see on chart at bottom. Line up the front of the pedals with the front or the pedal pan, will be a couple inches of pedal sticking out the back of pan where it connects to Floor Bar. If you stand the stand up on bottom tips you can flip the pedal pan up with pedals on the pan and put the (2) M6-1.00 X 16 bolts through the center holes and match up holes in bottom of pedals. Tighten with 10mm wrench/socket. Be careful not to scratch powder coating with wrench. Set the steering wheel on the wheel adapter plate with the clamps from the wheel on the Lap Bar Ledge/Wheel Adapter Plate and use the (2) M6-1.00 X 16 bolts to bolt the steering wheel to the plate with the back two holes. Slide the wheel back and forth until you can line up the bolt holes and tighten. Then clamp the wheel down with wheel clamps on front. To mount shifter, remove the plastic clamp from bottom of shifter. There are (4) Phillips head screws two are way down in the sides, middle picture above. Take the flat Logitech shifter Adapter bar and bolt it to the bottom of the G25/27 shifter with the (2) M6-1.00 X16 countersunk head socket cap screws. Use the countersunk holes on Shifter Adapter to mount to shifter, like picture above right. Then mount the Adapter and shifter to the adapter bar sticking out to the right of Wheel Adapter Plate. Use the (2) M6 x 16 Socket cap screws, nuts and washers, like picture below. There are several holes for adjustment for how far you want the shifter away from wheel. Tighten the bolts up with supplied 3/16 hex key wrench and 10mm wrench. Some G25 Shifters make contact on Lap Bar leg with acorn nuts on bottom of shifter, this is fine and has no effect on the shifter.
  For Fanatec you will need to take the plastic clamp mechanism out of the bottom of the steering wheel by loosening the plastic clamp nut and sliding the clamp out of the bottom of the steering wheel. Use the (4) M6 x 16 metric bolts to mount the steering wheel like the middle picture above using a 10mm wrench/socket. For Clubsport pedals use the (4) M6 x 16 bolts, flat washers and nuts use the (4) outside corner bolt holes in the pedal pan, be sure to attach wire before bolting down on underside. The stock 911 pedals will need all the rubber pads taken off the bottom for the screws supplied by Fanatec to work, stick them together and save. It is hard to line up the screws to start on 911 stock pedals. You might want to unbolt pan and lay pedals upside down, resting on front edge and pedal tips, and try to start the upper left hand screw first. It is right by a pad mount and you can see the plastic circular rim for the rubber pad through Clubsport pedal mounting hole to line up with. The screw hole is just to the upper right of the pad circle rim you can see through the hole. Then you can move the pan around to start other screws. First get screws all started then tighten them down. Attach plug-in on slot cut in pedal pan side rail. Then reattach the pedal pan. To mount shifter use the two M12 bolts and nuts supplied with the adapter and mount with jam nuts toward the wheel like picture above right. Then mount the shifter to the adapter bar sticking out to the right of wheel plate. Use the (2) M6 x 16 Socket cap screws, nuts and washers, like picture above right. There are several holes for adjustment for how far you want the shifter away from wheel. Tighten the bolts up with supplied 3/16 hex key wrench and 10mm wrench.
 With pedals flipped up and wheel and shifter mounted to the stand, carry the setup over to chair you will be using to drive with. Sit down with stand, with the pedals dropped, loosen top seatpost clamp (13mm wrench) and move top part slide tube in and out until you get a comfortable distance to pedals and tighten nut. Same with shifter bar. Adjust so you have the comfortable distance between shifter and wheel; also adjust for chairs with arms so shifter sits right with chair arm for you. Lap bar extension tubes can be moved in and out to get a comfortable height up and down for the steering wheel.
 It is best to use black electrical tape or cable ties to fasten wires to the stand. Be sure to give room for wires so that any movement (flipping pan up or adjusting lap bar) does not pull on wires on pedals or wheel. Be sure to tape pedal wires to one side of the floor bar so pan can flip up and down without catching or pinching wires. You can loop wires up under steering wheel G25/G27 and loop under or next to pedals for Fanatec so wires are neat and you only have the power wire and wire to connect to console coming off stand.
 WARNING please do not leave stand in upright position when done driving, small children could pull stand over on themselves. Be sure to always flip pedals down first before you sit down and pull wheel back to you, especially on Fanatec Clubsports or Thrustmaster. Be sure when storing in upright position it is in a corner or closet so it cannot get bumped and fall over. Lift stand up to get in and out but leave stand on sofa or chair when not driving. Please use caution when carrying the stand with pedals flipped up so the pedal pan does not flip open when carrying stand. Pedal pan shoes may scratch wooden or tile floors. If you have wood or tile floors get a couple stick-on nylon or fabric sliders from your local hardware store to put on underside of pedal pan corner slide shoes. Please, always use the stand safely and at your own risk.

Pedal Pan Mounting Holes

Wheel Adapter Plate Mounting Holes





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