Note: The XL20-21C model stands are already predrilled for CSR pedals. These instructions are only for the XL20-21 A and B models.
  The Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite pedals bolt right up to the pedal pan with the two front holes drilled out to 21/64" and can only used with the two front bolts for mounting. Using the front corner bolt holes on the pedal pan puts the pedals exactly in line with all of the other pedal sets. Drilling more holes in the pan to center the pedals changes how the stand adjusts. Moving the pedals two inches forward will make it hard for tall person to use. Keeping the CSR pedlas in line with the other pedals will keep stand geometry the same.
  Drill out the two front corner holes by the pedal pan slide feet to 21/64". With pan off the stand, place the pedals upside down with the bottom of pedals facing you. Line up the front corners of pedals with drilled out holes and use bolts supplied with the pedals to bolt down. Attatch pedal pan/pedals to stand following stand instructions.
  Not using the two back mounting bolts on pedals has no effect on the stability or storability of the stand. The pedals just hang out the back like the G25/27 pedals do. Still flips up for storage and stays put. The pedal pan and pedals are quite ridgid when bolted together.  

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