XL3 Regular and XL4 Big Boy Wheel Stands
 To assemble your new wheel stand, unwrap packing. The wrapping around the stand dulls the powder coating in shipping, to make it look nice and shinny, use a little common car wax on the stand to make it shine before assembly. To assemble insert the adjustable lap bar plated end (top part) with spring button into the upright tube (bottom part with pedal pan) that has three holes in it, by pushing down on spring button and sliding them together. Be sure button has seated in one of the adjustment holes so it does not move. Clamp your steering wheel onto the ledge that goes across lap bar. Set gas and brake pedals into pedal pan on floor, and slide them toward back until they are up against stop lip. It is best to fasten the pedals to the pan in some way. Screwing the pedals to the pedal pan is the best and the pedal pans are predrilled. The website has safe directions for which holes to use for your wheel. Tape or Velcro will also work to hold the pedals to the pedal pan. We have found it much nicer to tape wires to bottom of upright tube using black electrical tape. On wire going from pedals to steering wheel, loop wire up and tape loops so no excess is hanging. Please give the wire to the pedals a little extra length, so when you lift stand into upright position or flip pedals up for storage, it does not pull on the wire at the pedals. If you tape the wires up neatly to the bars it will look better and you will only have the AC power wire and wire to Game Consol coming off the stand. If different sized drivers will be using the stand, be sure to give wires up by steering wheel room for adjustment when sliding the upper adjustment in and out.
 Your new steering wheel stand has three places for adjustment. Leg Length: The spring button on upright bar has three adjustment holes. With stand assembled sit in your chair or couch with stand down across you lap. Adjust spring button to get the most comfortable distance for your legs to the pedals. Lap Bar: There is also adjustable lap bar extension legs that can be moved in and out to move the wheel up and down on your lap. Pedal Pan: The pedal pan has 3 adjustment positions. To adjust pedal pan, slide 3/16” metal rod out of the floor legs and hold pan at location you desire and slide wire back in legs and loops on pedal pan. For smaller drivers you can put a book or piece of wood on the part of pedal pan that touches floor to lift it up. To help relieve fatigue on long endurance races it is best to try to keep your foot to leg angle as close to 90 degrees as you can. Draw back is the pedals will only flip up for storing in the bottom pin location.
 WARNING please do not leave stand in upright position when using, small children could pull stand over on themselves. Be sure when storing in upright position it is in a corner or closet so it cannot get bumped and fall over. Lift stand up to get in and out but leave stand on sofa or chair when not driving. Pedal pan may scratch wooden or tile floors. If you have wood or tile floors get a couple stick-on sliders from your local hardware store to put on underside of pedal pan corners.
 If you fasten the pedals to the pan with Velcro, screws or tape you can flip the pan up against upright bar so pedals will not fall out, if pan pin is in bottom location. This allows you to store steering wheel stand assembled in upright position, to take up less room in closet or corner. Tape the wires at a position where pan hits the upright tube as not to scratch paint on upright tube or damage wires. Pedal pans are now predrilled for mounting with screws; please refer to the Xlerator website for safe mounting instructions.
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