Keeping your Xlerator wheel stand clean and looking good is very easy with the powder coating. I have had very good luck with common car wax. Scratches or nicks can usually be worked out with car rubbing compound then polished with car wax. Large scratches or nicks can be carefully taken down a little with very fine sandpaper. I would not use anything larger than 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper. You want to be careful not to get down to the metal. Then rub it hard for a while with rubbing compound and polish with car wax.


Adjusting the wheel angle on XL20-21 stands

 These are 3D printed wedges that will help you fine tune the angle of the steering wheel. Will adjust the wheel angle from 5 to 20 degrees from standard. They will be available as a kit on ebay.

Nice accessory for the stands, Bicycle Seatpost Clamp

  A guy on ebay has these Primo Slim BMX Bicycle seatpost clamp for sale on ebay. They work very good for holding the tubes and they look really cool! They come in polished and colors! Adjust with a 6mm allen wrench. Clamps on the 1" and 7/8" tubes with a step. Will work nicely for both upper and lower clamps on XL20-XL21 stands and will probably help out a lot on the XL3 and XL4 stand. Primo Slim Seatpost Clamp with 1" tube and 7/8" post size 25.4mm. Please note that most seatpost clamps are 1 1/8" so be sure to order the older BMX clamps that are 1".  Please see auctions by bmxguru on ebay.

Holding the Pedals to Pedal Pan

The best way to hold the pedals to the pedal pan is to screw them to the pedal pan. Please refer to the Instructions tab for complete instructions on how to drill the pedal pan to hold the pedals to the pan with screws. Pedal pans are now pre-drilled.
   You can also use Velcro strips to hold pedals.

Logitech Wheels Coming Loose on Stand

  The clamps on the Logitech Driving Force wheels have a tendancy to loosen up on hard Driving and will come loose from stand This is caused by flexing of the plastic j-clamp extensions on the wheels J-clamps. Check the tightness often. An easy fix is to remove the J-clamp extensions with a 10" peice of 1" by 2" ferring strip (finished  size is 3/4" x 1 1/2", fits perfect) under the ledge to make the opening bigger and more flexable. This seams to help the wheel stay tighter longer. The ferring strip can be purchased at any Home Depot for less than a dollar for an 8' peice. You can put a short flat head wood screw down through the hole in the ledge to hold it in place. Painting it black will help to blend in with stand. The extra thickness of the ferring strip give the wheel a good solid surface to clamp to with the J-clamp extensions removed.

Lifting your stand up at the lap bar.

  I have had several people tell me that white 1/2 " plastic PVC water pipe slides right in the ends of the 1" tubing on the stand. This opens up many possibilities for customizing your stand. If you have foam on your sofa or chair that is not very firm. The stand legs will sink into the foam making the lap bar/steering wheel drop to close to your legs. You can take the rubber tips off and slide some PVC pipe in the ends of the lap bar, cut it to the proper length, paint it black and put smaller rubber tips (probably 7/8") on the ends. This will give you the extra length you need on the lap bar to raise it up to the right height for you. 
  I have also had people use the PVC pipe to run extensions all the way to the floor to use the stand with office chairs or narrow gaming chairs. 

Fatigue on long distance races

  This is a real problem for most pedals with video game steering wheels. It is very important to keep your feet at a 90-degree angle to your legs as much as you can. Keeping your feet at this natural position will help with your calves, ankles and feet cramping. The angle of the pedal pan is adjustable up and down on the XL3-4 Xlerator Wheel Stand. The back of the pedal pan can be adjusted up 2-3-4 inches by pulling the pin out and putting it back in a different hole. Adjust the pan angle to get the best position for your feet. Down to far is like walking down hill, up to far is like walking up hill, your feet will get tired on long distance races. There are many different heights of chairs also. Most chairs run between 18 and 22 inches high at the front. This can change the angle of your ankles changing chairs. Also the way you sit has a lot to do with the angle. Some people like the more traditional style, sitting up like a pick-up truck, while others like the low laid back arms extended style like a sports car. You may have to experiment with different pedal angles and upright slider adjustment to get the right angle for you.

Making the stand fit shorter people or small children

  If you can touch the floor from your chair or sofa the regular stand will usually work for about anyone. But have had parents wanting to get a stand for smaller children. If you drill some holes in the end of the pedal pan, you can screw a 2 by 4 or other piece of wood to the bottom of the pedal pan closest to your chair. Then adjust the pedal pan pin up on the higher adjustment holes. This will raise the pedals up so smaller children can use the stand. Then take the wood block off and drop down front adjustment as they grow.

Pedal pan scratching wood or tile floors

  The pedal pan can scratch wooden or tile floors if it gets worn or sharp edges. To stop this from happening you can go to the hardware store and get little stick on nylon cabinet drawer sliders or stick on chair feet. Stick them to the bottom of the pedal pan on the corners where they make contact with the floor. This will help protect floors from being scratched.

Furniture and Black Rubber tips

 If you have like really expensive white leather furniture or anything like that, I would probably get some white 7/8" rubber crutch tips for the lap bar extensions. You can also use furniture floor coasters or set the legs on something. Would hate to take a chance on the furniture with those black rubber tips, if the significant other is happy, everybody is happy! 


  To keep the wires up and out of the way of your driving, use black electrical tape, to tape wires to the underside of stand bars. You can loop up long wires so you just have what you need to drive. Please be careful and make sure there is enough wire when you tape them up for the pedal pan to be flipped up. Also if several drivers will be using the stand, you will need to make sure there is enough wire for adjustment without pulling on the wires. With enough clearance for adjustment and pedal flipping, you will not pull on the wires or pull them out of the wheel or pedals and damage the units.

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