If you are into 3D printing or know someone who has one, I have posted some really helpful things on Thingiverse for you to 3D print out. I will be adding things as they come up, so be sure to check my Thingiverse page (fastmike75) for new stuff. 

Thingiverse # 447765   XRocker Reglar stand supports
Stand support for use with the XROCKER Gaming Chairs. 3D printed platform to set the regular lap bar  stands in, on the sides of the chair hump. The XRocker Chair and the XL20 stand with this support make for one of the most enjoyable racing experiance I have ever had. It is amazing driving rear engine cars with sound behind and under you with this chair. The wheel is SUPER stable and the XRocker chair works wonderfully.

Thingiverse # 691270  XRocker Big Boy stand supports
Theses are are stand supports for the XRocker chir using the Big Boy lap bar.

Thingiverse # 1213653 Logitech G29 G920 Power Block holders 
This very helpful item is a Power Block Holder for Logitech G29 and G920 power blocks. A pair of these hold the power block to 1" round tubing with 3D printed clamps and machine screws. Keeps from having to drag the power box around by it's cord. Will fit other power blocks. 

Thingiverse # 479213  XL20-XL21 Wheel angle adjustment shims
3D printed shim/s put under the Wheel adapter plate will let you fine tune the angle of the steering wheel from 5 to 20 dgrees in 2 1/2 degeree increments forward or backwards. I use the 7.5 and 10 degree shims tilted forward on my personal stands

Thingiverse # 459857   Fantec shifter bushings
Bushings for the Fantec regular and clubsport shifter sets. These bushings take up some of the space difference between the 10mm bolts and the almost 12mm tubes. These will help to protect and support the shifter from moving during racing.

Thingiverse # 461135   Fanatec CSR Elite pedals, power tower
Power Tower for the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals. This is a base that holds the power supply to the pedals. All you have to do is connect wire from wall outlet to power supply to race. Holds power supply on stand when moving and storing.

Thingiverse # 336172
RC 3D printed Tank project, case cover for Sabertooth 2x12 Dual motor speed controller. Protects to Sabertooth board from damage on your project.

RC 3D Printed Tank Project
May 2014. Want to share my latest project with you. RC Tank with 3D printed track and suspension with RC buggy shocks on an RC Tank. Have designed and built this RC Tank from the ground up with TurboCAD 19 software and Flashforge 3D printer. Has an aluminum frame I built in the shop. Some of the parts are on Thingiverse to share. Most of the running gear has been purchased online and adapted from RC vehicles or Robotics. This has been a fun project and will keep you updated as it progresses.

Lastest update September 2014. Put on a pair of Traxxas Velineon Brushless 38,800rpm motors and VXL-3S EXC's with dual 3S Lipo batteries. 3D printed track is holding up good with brushless motors! The tank ran 11mph for about a minute and a half before totally melting the back worm gear bearing and 3D printet worm gear case. Little too much motor. Rebuilt the gear cases and put in much bigger bearings, but have the motor in my Traxxas Slash 4x4, having so much fun, hate to take it out and put in the tank. There is a YouTube video of the tank run with brushless motors.

YouTube video of my RC Tank dual RS540 motors.

Video with dual Traxxas brushless Velineon motors, 3S Lipo.

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